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Mom’s Spring Shopping List

10 Apr

By Kristin Hull

Photos courtesy of retailers.

Photos courtesy of retailers.

As a mom, you don’t have time to read magazines or watch runway shows to keep up with the current trends. But fortunately, we do. And each season we sift through them to bring you the ones best suited to a mom’s lifestyle.

Remember, following trends doesn’t mean looking like a teenager, it means looking modern and sophisticated. Sure, if you buy into the wrong ones you very well may end up looking as if you’re headed to a school dance but with the right ones, you’ll give off an air of effortless style.

Now, let’s shop!

A Button-down: If you’re looking for a crisp, sophisticated look a button-down will never let you, well, down. They’re so versatile they’ll work with any pants, shorts or skirts and pair nicely with heels or flats, even sneakers too! We love the green shade (to add some color to your wardrobe) and cute pattern (that will hide wrinkles and stains) on this one from Target ($15).

D’Orsay Flats: D’orsay shoes only cover the toes and heel and are open on the sides. If you look around in stores you’ll see that they’re definitely having a moment. They can be open- or closed-toe, heels or flats, round-toe or pointed. Right now though, the pointy toe is back and as a mom, you’re probably more partial to flats. We’ve chosen two neutral pairs for you here because they’ll be versatile and go with many outfits. But, there are tons and tons of patterns and colors to choose from so find some that work for you and we guarantee they will become your go-to shoe for the next several months – especially because they can work for the office, the playground or just running errands. Here we have a denim pair by Steve Madden ($59.60) and a neutral camel color from Forever 21 ($19.80).

Pastels: Pastels are back and we love they way they look with just about every neutral. From grey to khaki to black there’s just something about pastels that compliment these hues. If you want to look stylish running errands after a workout, this jacket from H&M ($39.95) will do the trick. Put it over any old, sweaty t-shirt and you’ll suddenly look trendy and stylish. Or, if you’d prefer something a little dressier, try this gorgeous top from Joe Fresh ($24).

A Bucket Bag: Bucket bags are the “it” back of the season. The good news for moms is that they are spacious and most have a long strap so you can wear it as a cross-body when you’re trying to carry a little one and sports gear all at once. This neutral color from Zara ($35.99) is so versatile it can be used on a daily basis.

A Shirtdress: If there was ever a perfect dress style for moms it would be the shirtdress. Try it with sneakers and you’re ready to cheer on the baseball team; add a blazer and pumps, high-heeled sandals or wedges for a cool office look. We chose two fun striped versions but they are available in almost every color and pattern imaginable. Yes, horizontal stripes can make one look bigger but the smaller the width of the stripes the less likely that is to happen. That’s why we chose this black and white version from The Gap ($55.96). And the yellow-striped dress from Target ($27.99) was just too fun to pass up. But, if you’d prefer, it also comes in a floral and an animal print.

Skater shoes: Don’t let the youthful name of these shoes scare you off or you’ll really be missing out. This style is THE shoe of the season. It’s versatile, functional, cool and comfortable. What more could a mom want? They come in hundreds of colors and patterns and almost every store has a pair to offer. We love this funky “Yellow Submarine” version from Vans ($65) as well as the classic leopard print style from H&M ($14.95).

A Full Skirt: The good news about skirts this year is that there are no limits on length. Minis, knee-length, midi and maxis are all on trend. One of the most popular though is the full skirt. They’re fun, flirty, comfortable and they hide the  gut, the butt and the thighs! Dress ‘em up or down easily. We love wearing ours with a plain tee and a pair of d’orsay flats. This black and white one from Zara ($59.90) will allow you to sit on the ground or bleachers without showing any dirt. For something more colorful, we like this one from Modcloth ($54.99)

Win a Set of Easy-to-Apply, Long-Lasting Jamberry Nail Wraps!

20 Mar

By Kristin Hull


Photo courtesy of Canines and Couture.

As a mom, having a pristine manicure is almost as elusive as finding the mate to every solo sock in your house. Even if you do find time to get to the nail salon, the polish usually only lasts a few days.

The Holy Grail of Manicures Continue reading

Ask TMS: Casual Hot Weather Outfit Ideas

13 Mar

By Kristin Hull

Mommy Stylist reader, Marlize, with her adorable girls.

Mommy Stylist reader, Marlize, with her adorable girls.

Dear Mommy Stylist,

We recently moved to Dubai. I am loving the warm weather, but I am desperate for some new ideas for clothes. Relocating from France, I have been wearing jeans and tops with scarves for the last few years since I’ve stopped working and had my three kids (six, four and two years old).

For me, it is too hot to wear jeans, having to wait for the kids outside in the sun after school. Currently I am wearing shorts and a few summer dresses. Could you please provide me with stylish alternatives, I want to look stylish, but not as if I tried too hard. 

I am of average height and build (with a ‘mummy tummy’) and 41 years old.

Thank you, Marlize

Continue reading

Styling Giveaway Winner Look 2: Sophisticated Comfort

27 Feb

By Kristin Hull

emily final 2 ps

Photos courtesy of retailers.

A few weeks ago, we posted the first look for our styling giveaway winner, Emily Ragsdale, created by our executive editor, Lisa Miller. Now, it’s my turn. Like Lisa, I tried to keep Emily’s body shape (apple) and lifestyle (junior high school counselor with two young hockey-obsessed sons) in mind when picking out her pieces. See the credits below for specifics on why I chose each particular item. Continue reading

TMS Giveaway: Daniel Green Totally Wearable Slippers

13 Feb

By Kristin Hull

Enter to win a pair of these functional, versatile slippers. Photo courtesy of Daniel Green.

Enter to win a pair of these functional, versatile slippers. Photo courtesy of Daniel Green.

Let’s face it. With kids, life is rarely dull. And often chaotic. Whether it’s a trip to the emergency room (again), having to cover for the carpool mom whose car breaks down on the way to school in the morning, or running out when your 16-year-old gets into a fender bender and calls in hysterics, a mom often has to get out the door in the blink of an eye. The fact that she hasn’t brushed her hair, isn’t wearing make-up, and is in her pajamas and bunny slippers is of little concern; when duty calls, she’s on it.

There are times when fashion isn’t important Continue reading

25 Stylish Ways To Wear A Scarf

6 Feb

By Kristin Hull

As our loyal readers know, we here at The Mommy Stylist are big proponents of scarves. They’re inexpensive and versatile, and will amp up almost any outfit. And when old man winter rears his ugly head, or when the air conditioning at the office is going full force, they’ll help keep you warm. But did you know there are dozens of ways to wear them? Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Dresses: Get Designer Style (Without Dipping Into the Kids’ College Fund)

16 Jan

By Kristin Hull

Photos courtesy of Rent the Runway

Photos courtesy of Rent the Runway

Valentine’s Day is the time to be your sexiest self. Pull out your highest heels and some fab jewelry, give yourself a smoky eye (learn how from Talia Castellano,  the amazing little girl who lost her battle with cancer but made a huge impact in her 13 short years) and slip into a dress that will make your significant other do a double take.

Go all out

Think romantic like sequins or lace, and sexy like super short, low cut or form-fitting. Don’t be afraid to go all out for the person you chose to be your partner in life. Don’t they deserve it? Even if you’re going to have dinner at home, take the time to get all gussied up. You will make your mate feel special, as well as yourself. If you’re headed to a restaurant that isn’t formal but want to wear a dressy dress, just put a blazer or leather jacket over it to tone it down.

It’s not too cold for sexy

And for those of you who live in a cold climate, add a pair of opaque tights to your ensemble and drape an overcoat over your shoulders (it’s the new trend, you know). Skip the shawl. They’re passé - for now. They’ll probably be back in at some point, so store them away until then.

There’s no shame in Spanx

Don’t let those bumps and bulges keep you from feeling good in your dress. Show them who’s boss by wiggling into some shapewear. Spanx may be the most well-known brand but there are a lot of others out there these days. Find one that works for you. It is worth the price; you’ll wear it over and over and over.

Now, onto the dresses!

If your first thought is that all of your dresses are too worn, out of style or don’t fit, fear not. Afraid you’re going to feel guilty for buying a new frock because that money really should be saved for your daughter’s ballet lessons? We’ve got a guilt-free answer. Always wish you could wear a designer dress? Now you can.

What? Rent a dress?!

Yep, rent a dress. Rent the Runway is a fantastic service created by women who understand what women need. They offer dresses for as low as $30 by designers like Temperly London, Shoshanna, Robert Rodriguez, Tibi, Dolce & Gabbana and many more. The price includes TWO dresses (one in a second size in case your first choice doesn’t fit) and a four-day rental. (A standard shipping charge of $9.95 will be added to your bill.) Your package will arrive by 8pm on your chosen rental date. Return it in the pre-paid envelope provided.

Gross. Are the dresses dirty?

Each dress is dry cleaned before it is sent out, and don’t worry about what will happen if you get something on it. Normal wear and tear is covered by a $5 insurance charge. Totally worth it.

It gets better

An extremely helpful feature of the Rent the Runway site is that customers can upload photos of themselves in their rented dresses along with a review. So, not only can you see how a particular item looks on real people but also read about what they thought of it.

Have more questions? They’ve got everything covered here.

Join the free site now and get $25 off your first rental.

Let’s shop!

Top row, left to right

Martin Grant Paris Mod Draped Dress (rental price, $30/retail price, $1,300): Wondering what color shoes to wear with a blue dress? Black can work but even better would be silver, gold or something in the brown family. Pumps or high-heel booties will work best this time of year. The diagonal line of the fabric will make your waist look smaller.

Cushnie et Ochs Illuminator Dress (rental price, $30/retail price, $1,495): One reviewer said her husband couldn’t stop looking at her in this dress. If you have a small chest consider yourself lucky, the deep V will look classy and sexy on you.

Milly Chained to You Dress (rental price, $30/retail price, $385): Straight and apple figures can rock this gorgeous frock – although if you have a large chest it may look too hoochie.

D&G by Dolce and Gabbana Leopard Looker Dress (rental price, $30/retail price, $625): You don’t have to be the size of a model to rock this dress. Some of the renters who posted photos and positive reviews are sizes 6, 8 and 10 – and it looks great on them because they have curves.

Lilly Pulitzer Shauna Tunic Dress (rental price, $50/retail price, $198): Another great dress for apple and straight shapes. This short shift will highlight your gorgeous gams.

Bottom row, left to right

Halston Heritage Rocket In the Sky Dress (rental price, $65/retail price, $375): The shoulders on this dress will help balance out a pear shape and emphasize the pretty curves of the hourglass figure.

Robert Rodriguez Black Label Pretty Package Dress (rental price, $30/retail price, $525): The gathered fabric at the waist of this dress will hide a tummy. It will flatter hourglass figures and give straight bodies the illusion of curves.

Tibi Reality Versus Dream Dress (rental price, $40/retail price, $485): A busy pattern helps hide bumps and bulges. Complete the fashion-forward look with pair of booties or pointy-toe pumps.

Rachel Roy Pencil Me In Sheath (rental price, $30/retail price, $428): A sheer panel and diagonal angles make this a little black dress for the 21st century.

Robert Rodriguez Sequin Disco Romper (rental price, $40/retail price, $432): Stand out in a sexy, not sleazy, off-the-shoulder romper. If the shorts are too short, or you’re worried about cellulite, simply add a pair of opaque black tights and pair them with black pumps or booties – the higher the better – to elongate your legs.

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Stylist’s Secret: The Only Mascara You’ll Ever Need

3 Jan

By Kristin Hull


Photos courtesy of YSL.

If there’s one beauty item I can’t live without it’s mascara. Even if I have no other make-up on I try to take a moment to apply a coat or two to open up my eyes and keep from looking like I just rolled out of bed. That said, I am always on the hunt for quality mascara at, of course, a decent price.

Take it from someone who’s tried them all

Throughout my years in the fashion industry, I’ve tested just about every mascara on the market and found that most often, the ones that cost a bit more are worth it. Sure, every now and then a drugstore brand comes out with a decent formula but all too often it ends up discontinued, or “improved” in a way that isn’t an improvement at all. Then, the whole trial and error process starts again. You know, the one where you keep going back to the store to buy another brand because the one you got yesterday didn’t live up to any of the claims made on the packaging. Before you know it, you’ve got several tubes of crappy mascara sitting in a drawer where they will remain, gathering dust, until you find time to clean out said drawer – most likely after your youngest has left for college.

Don’t like it? Return it!

Higher-end/department store brands on the other hand, are pretty consistent in their quality. And if your favorite is discontinued, there always seems to be another good one to replace it. The best part though is that most department stores, as well as Sephora, will allow a return on an item that has been opened/used. Think about it: for the cost of those three sub-par drugstore mascaras in your drawer you could have purchased a super-fabulous formula that will actually do what it’s supposed to do – and if it doesn’t, simply return it and try another!

Yes, you can afford high-end mascara

In general, $30 is not a lot of money. But when there are $10 mascaras out there, spending $30 on  a tube feels like a splurge – a splurge you shouldn’t make. But when you find one that does its job correctly, it’s less about a splurge and more about a smart investment. And when you think of it that way, you have to admit, it’s a pretty good deal.

And the winner is…

YSL’s Baby Doll. While it darkens and thickens a bit, it really comes through with lengthening. It also goes on smoothly and cleanly, and lasts all day. How many times have I looked in a mirror mid-afternoon on a work day to find that my mascara has somehow made its way to the skin under my bottom lashes? I always wonder how long I’ve been walking around with the “raccoon look,” how many meetings I’ve attended like that, and why none of my friends told me! Fortunately, I don’t have to worry about that anymore because with Baby Doll, it never happens. Now, I just apply it in the morning and don’t think about it again until it’s time to take it off. That’s my kind of make-up.

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What to Wear: New Year’s Day

19 Dec

By Kristin Hull

Photos courtesy of retailers.

Photos courtesy of retailers.

Ah, New Year’s Day. The end of the holiday season. After several weeks of craziness, most of us are ready to tone it down for a while. It’s time to put away the sparkles and heels (temporarily, of course!) and get down to some casual comfort.

Comfortable doesn’t mean dumpy

Whether you’re having friends over to watch football or are hitting up some post-holiday sales, you can combine a few current trends to keep yourself looking stylish without sacrificing comfort. Even if you managed to gain a few pounds over the last month, don’t fret. First, give yourself a break. You’re human, and the holiday season is a wonderful one. It’s a time to celebrate and what would celebrating be without a little overindulgence? Don’t get mad at yourself. We ALL do it. And second, our New Year’s Day outfit will provide a little extra room and a little extra coverage to camouflage any evidence of said indulging.

Fall in love with boyfriend jeans

Why should you love boyfriend jeans? Plain and simple, they’re loose. Some even say to buy one size up for just the right “look” but go with whatever you feel works best. We often recommend mid-rise pants to prevent the dreaded muffin top but many boyfriend jeans have a low-rise. However, because they are roomy, gut spillage shouldn’t be a problem. But, if it is, we’ve got a solution.

How to hide your muffin top

Tuck the front five or six inches of your sweater into your pants. This creates a blousing effect which hides that excess flop of tummy, even when you’re siting down. And the tuck will make you appear slimmer. See an example here.

Roll your boyfriend jeans up the right way

If you want to be up-to-date, the fashion right now is give your jeans a medium to wide roll. Like this:


Photos courtesy of Style Bakery.

If it’s too cold to go without socks

Some of our readers live in climates that don’t allow for even a smidge of skin to be exposed to the elements. If this is you, then have fun with socks. I’m short so I like to keep mine the same color as my shoe to elongate my legs but, if you are the experimental type, feel free to try colors or even patterns like this:

Photo 1 courtesy of Grazia Daily. Photo 2 courtesy of Style Bakery.

Photo 1 courtesy of Grazia Daily. Photo 2 courtesy of Glamour.

Wear it again

Running errands, chaperoning a field trip, to a sporting event, to the park.

Get the look

Mossimo Supply Co. Plaid Wool Anorak Jacket (now $29.99, reg. $39.99/Target): This may just be the cutest anorak we’ve ever seen. It’s casual and represents one of the year’s hottest trends, plaid. Plus, put it on over any ho-hum outfit and you’ve got instant cold-weather style.

Boyfriend Jeans  ($29.95/H&M): You may need to wear a belt with your baggy boyfriend jeans and, if so, by all means do it. It’s not a requirement though. Also, because they are loose, try to keep your top a little more fitted or use the partial tuck-in method mentioned above.

Number 38 Sweater (now $16.99, reg. $24.80/Forever 21): Sure, you could wear just about any sweater with boyfriend jeans but why not get into the spirit of the New Year’s Day games by taking on the sporty trend with a vibrant piece that shows your spirit (even if you don’t really have any)? You can definitely wear it again throughout the season and even into spring.

Pieces Emonda Beanie (now $9.07, reg $16.33/Asos – free shipping both ways!)

Aqua Fox Mittens ($58/Fancy): Yes, these are a little pricey but they’re so cute we just had to share them with you. If you consider that you’ll wear them for a few years then they’re worth the investment.

Chism Wedge Sneaker ($38.49/Aldo): You can really wear any kind of sneaker or short boot with a boyfriend jean. I decided on these to keep the outfit more on the casual side.

Kipling Rizzi Cross-Body/Waist Bag ($59/Zappos – free shipping both ways!)

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What to Wear: Family Holiday Gathering

5 Dec

By Kristin Hull

Photos courtesy of retailers

Photos courtesy of retailers

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Yule or Kwanzaa, dressing for a December family holiday gathering isn’t much different than dressing for Thanksgiving. A mom wants to look cute, but at the same time she must be able to maneuver around the kitchen, eat to her heart’s content, sit on the floor to play games, cuddle on the couch to watch a movie and of course, feel warm enough outside and cool enough inside.

However, the Christmas/Hanukkah/Yule/Kwanzaa time of year allows us to be more festive than usual. So, why not embrace it? A simple metallic shoe or red sweater will help to make the day feel even more special. And, true to our Mommy Stylist commitment, we’ve found pieces that can be used to create a variety of outfits for a plethora of occasions (winter school event, play date, holiday lunch, etc.).

Want more ideas? Check out our still-stylish looks from last year and the year before.

Get the look

Knit Turtleneck Sweater ($19.95/H&M): This sweater will become your winter BFF. It will look effortlessly chic with just about anything from skirts to jeans to leggings (as long as it is long enough to COMPLETELY cover your bootie and crotch area).

Textured Geo Earrings ($3.80/Forever 21)

Hooded Wool Coat ($139/Zara – free shipping both ways!)

Lauren Jeans Co. Classic Straight-Leg Corduroy Pants (now, $74.99, reg. $99.50/Macy’s): The mid-rise waist on these cords will keep that muffin top where it belongs. However, you’ll no doubt get a bit bloated from all the holiday goodies and although these pants have some stretch, it’s never enough. But, we have a brilliant solution – your pregnancy belly band. Who says you can only wear these when you’re expecting? We wear them under loose tops (like the sweater above) to keep our mid-section warm and to hide our unbuttoned pants when we’ve over-indulged. And because a belly band looks like a shirt peeking out from under the garment on top of it, you’ll look like a layering pro. Would you rather have your pants feel like a vice around your stomach or enjoy the day looking stylish and feeling comfortable?

Rhinestoned Bow Ring ($3.80/Forever 21)

Big Buddha Alexia Handbag ($33.23/6pm)

Fur-Cuff Rubber Wedge Bootie ($42.50/Charlotte Russe)

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Mom’s Personal Shopper: Holiday Dresses (Under $200)

14 Nov

By Kristin Hull

Photos courtesy of retailers

Photos courtesy of retailers

As a mom, you may be looking at the upcoming holiday season with trepidation. It’s not that you don’t enjoy it, it’s just that there’s So. Much. To. Do. And since most of the “to-dos” have to do with everyone except yourself, guess whose needs get relegated to the bottom of the list? Right.

On top of it, you’re probably getting invited to all kinds of soirees from the office holiday dinner to the neighborhood cocktail party. And you really want to go. After all, you haven’t been to a dressy grown-up party since well, probably last December. But, who has time to find something to wear that is stylish, doesn’t have little hand stains on it, and actually fits? Well, we do. So, we’ve done the shopping for you.

Put a look together in no time

The best thing about all of the pieces in the photo above is that they can be worn with black tights and black shoes so putting together an entire outfit is easy. If your choice is a solid color, try some patterned tights. As for shoes, pointy-toe pumps are back with a vengeance but if you’re feeling a little funkier try a pair of high-heeled booties.

Don’t Be Afraid to Show Those Gams

Cocktail dresses are often fairly short but don’t let that stop you from wearing them. As long as most of your upper body covered, it balances out. Plus, it’s sexy – and you deserve to feel sexy every once in a while. And the beauty of colder weather is that tights are required so there’s no need to worry about not having a tan or highlighting your cellulite. You can even buy Spanx tights to help camouflage the tummy, thighs or butt.

How to Cover Up

To keep the chill away, try pairing your holiday ensemble with a blazer or a leather jacket.

Wear It Again

If your parties involve different groups of people, you can wear your dress again and again and no one will be the wiser. On the other hand, if it looks great on you (and you feel hot/sexy/pretty in it) does it really matter if you are seen in it more than once?

Now, let’s get to the shopping part!

(top row, left to right)

Lace Side Jumpsuit ($125/Warehouse – free shipping and returns!): This is from a British company so chances that someone else will be wearing the same thing are slim. Also, give yourself plenty of time for it to arrive since it has to travel from afar. Body types it flatters: straight, hourglass

Pink Wrap Dress ($50/Miss Selfridge – free shipping!): This is another British company so order soon to ensure it will arrive in time. Amp it up with some long necklaces and a sparkly black belt. Body types it flatters: straight, hourglass

Steel the One Dress ($214.99/Modcloth): Stand out in this gorgeous twenties-inspired frock. Body types it flatters: straight, hourglass

Sister Jane Crystal Crown Shift Dress ($121.03/Asos – free shipping both ways! British company, order early): If you’re looking for simplicity with a little wow factor consider this sleek shift dress. Body types it flatters: apple, straight

Lace Skater Dress ($105/Oasis – free shipping! British company, order early): Add a skinny patent leather belt to this dress to give it a designer feel. Body types it flatters: pear, hourglass

(bottom row, left to right)

Sequined Chiffon Dress ($189.99/Mango – free shipping!): Look sassy and chic in this sparkly shift. Body types it flatters: apple, straight

Barcelona Balcony Dress ($52.99/Modcloth – free shipping!): The fuller skirt on this dress helps hide the tummy while the black waistband adds curves. Body types it flatters: straight, hourglass

Tinsle Metallic Dress ($50/Chloe Loves Charlie): A dress for the modern Audrey Hepburn-type. Body types it flatters: hourglass, straight, pear

Adrianna Papell Snakeskin Embossed Crepe Sheath Dress ($118/Nordstrom – free shipping both ways!): Snakeskin is a big trend right now. Mix it with a vibrant red and you’ve got the perfect holiday frock. The cap sleeves draw attention to the shoulders and away from the hips. Body types it flatters: pear, hourglass

Hi Lo Black Tube Dress (now $55.99, reg. 99/Chloe Loves Charlie): My hourglass figure is jealous it can’t wear this super-contemporary, totally comfortable design. Apple bodies rejoice; you’ve got it made with this dress. Body types it flatters: apple, straight

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Our Favorite Fall Shoes For On-The-Go Moms

1 Nov

Photos courtesy of retailers.

Thoughts of autumn often conjure up images of brightly-colored leaves, crisp, cool air and trick-or-treating. But for fashionistas, this time of year brings visions of something much more exciting – fall shoes! Who doesn’t love a great pair of boots or a funky sneaker? Not to mention that closed-toe shoes allow us to re-allocate the funds from our summer pedicure budget to our winter shoe budget! Ha!

Moms Have Limitations

As always though, dressing for moms is different than that of any other creature on earth. Moms have a serious list of limitations too plentiful to list here, but what it boils down to is functionality, comfort, versatility, price (the lower the better) and style (which is just as important as all the others but is all to often neglected).

We’ve Done the Shopping For You

We’ve carefully curated a chic collection to meet all your needs from business dinners to a trip to the zoo. They’re all on-trend so you’ll look polished and put-together in even the most informal situations.

It’s a Boot Free-For-All

And one last thing regarding boots. It’s a rare time in fashion history when anything goes and right now is that time for boots. Just about any heel height (from flats to wedges to cowboy heels to stilettos) and any boot height (bootie, ankle boot, riding boot, over-the-knee) works.

1.Coconuts Rifle Boots ($54.99/Famous Footwear): You don’t have to be a cowgirl to wear these boots; they’ll look cool and modern on even the most urban of us.

2. Merona Kadence Wedge Ankle Boot ($34.99/Target): If you want a little height with more stability than a heel, look no further than a stylish wedge.

3. Women’s Tassel Rain Skimmer Shoe ($29.99/Target): Navigate the puddles without getting soaked in a cute pair of rain loafers.

4. Tommy Hilfiger Brinley Bootie ($79.95/DSW): A feminine interpretation of a classic menswear look, these gorgeous heeled oxfords will make you feel as sexy as you look.

5. Zara Ballerina Shoe ($79.90/Zara): Pair these blue leopard print flats with jeans, khakis or an a-line skirt for a thoroughly modern ensemble.

6. Chelsea Crew Rush Hour Boot ($44.94/DSW): A pair of black flat boots this cute and versatile is sure to become a wardrobe staple.

7. Lace-Up Brogue Combat Boot ($45.50/Charlotte Russe): It’s impossible to look any less than sophisticated in a pair of riding boots.

8. Distressed Zip-Back Combat Boot ($42.50/Charlotte Russe): Madonna may have started the lace-up boot trend in the eighties but it’s back with a vengeance and this time, it’s not just for teenagers.

9. Standout Chained Booties ($39.80/Forever 21): The shiny finish on these boots make them look much more expensive than they are.

10. Mia Nashville Bootie ($54.95/DSW): If you’ve always wanted to try red shoes but were afraid, these burgundy ankle boots are the perfect solution.

11. H&M Sneakers ($24.95/H&M): Fall in love with these uber-chic kicks (we did!) that are both versatile and unique.

12. Sorel Joan of Arctic Wedge Mid Boot ($240/Sorel): You can’t put a price on warmth, comfort AND style. Sure, these might cost a pretty penny but when it comes to keeping toasty and dry it is worth spending the extra money.

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What to Wear: Trick or Treating With the Kids

17 Oct

By Kristin Hull

Wear these pieces together for a effortless, casual cool ensemble. (Photos courtesy of retailers)

Wear these pieces together for a effortless, casual cool ensemble. (Photos courtesy of retailers)

Taking the kids trick or treating is one of the joys of being a mother. Getting them ready for it however, often isn’t. By the time you gather all the necessities for their costumes, and get them all made up, the last thing you want to do is put together a cute outfit for yourself. But, the thought of having every neighbor see you in old sweatpants that feel like a sausage casing and a torn tee from your college sorority isn’t your idea of fun either.

Plan in advance

So let’s get a simple, stylish outfit ready ahead of time. That way, when the ticking and treating commences you can revel in your children’s joy – instead of focusing on which tree or bush to hide behind as you move from house to house.

Use what’s in your closet

Grab your favorite pair of skinny jeans and a casual shirt that flatters your figure from your closet. If you don’t have those then it’s high time you went out and got them. Having these as wardrobe basics will help you get dressed and look cute in a pinch (and aren’t moms always in a pinch?).

Lessons in layering

Next is where the fun starts. In order to keep warm, you don’t always have to hide under a coat. For variety, learn to layer and you’ll be able to adjust your level of warmth based on your climate and/or where you are going (indoors, outdoors or both). Just make sure that if you anticipate removing layers at any point that each one is wearable on its own. In the example above, all of the pieces are meant to be worn together but can be utilized separately as well. The jeans and checked shirt are fine by themselves but the skull sweater adds interest. (Be sure to let the bottom of the shirt and sleeves peek out from underneath.) Chilly? Add the military jacket. Roll up the sleeves one or two times to reveal those of the shirt and sweater under it.

Add style with accessories

Once you have your basic outfit it’s time to amp it up with accessories . A jacket or vest, comfy boots, and a hat will add as much style as if you were wearing an expensive designer top.

Use and re-use

The best thing about this outfit is that it’s not only inexpensive but every piece is functional and versatile enough to wear over and over. Try different combinations with other treasures in your closet or, because they are all stylish and cute by themselves, let them make a solo statement.

1. Studded Checked Two Pocket Shirt ($59.90/Express): This shirt isn’t just for casual days; try it with a pencil skirt and pumps at the office.

2. Faux Leather Baseball Cap ($18/Nordstrom - free shipping both ways!): Leather, even faux, makes anything cooler.

3. Skull Print Pullover Sweater ($28.99/Charlotte Russe): Yes, it’s Halloween but you can wear this playful sweater all year long.

4. Big Star Women’s Alex Soft Brush Skinny Leg Jean ($39.41/Amazon): A mid-rise jean is a poochy stomach’s worst enemy – and a mom’s best friend.

5. Coffee Shop Women’s 3/4 Sleeve Jacket ($45.99/Target): Look good running errands or cheering on the team in a trendy military jacket. They’re versatile, functional and super cute. This one comes in plus-size (link above) and petite.

6. White Mountain Women’s Fido Boot ($64.99/Famous Footwear): I want these boots. And you should too. The flat sole offers stability and comfort, while the style is current and uber-cool.

7. Joe Fresh Puffer Vest ($39/Joe Fresh): Don’t hate the puffer vest. It just wants to look good and keep you warm. Give it a chance by pairing it with pieces like button down shirts and fun sweaters. Skip the fleece jacket, baggy jeans and sneakers.

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TMS Replay: Stylist’s Secret – Hats (Yes, you can!)

3 Oct

By Kristin Hull

Now that The Mommy Stylist has been around for a few years, we decided to occasionally re-post some of our earlier blogs as TMS Replays so that new readers can benefit from them as well. (And they can serve as reminders for those who have been with us from the beginning.)

Note: Some of the items may not still be available but we wouldn’t post anythng that’s out of style, so use them for reference and keep an eye out for something similar when you’re out and about.

If you’re going to be a stylish mom you’re must get over your fear of hats. One of the easiest ways to instantly add panache to even the most ordinary outfit is with a hat. But not just any hat. It has to be a fashionable hat (see photos above).

The right way to wear them

Unless you want to look like Debbie Gibson circa 1984, don’t wear hats on the back of your head (the only exception is the beanie which is sometimes called a beret). Most should be worn covering the forehead, especially fedoras. Vanessa Minillo wears it correctly in this photo. For cold weather, try this style (worn by Paris Hilton). If the thought of wearing a hat scares you, why not start with a military or newsboy cap in black or brown? Then, once you get more comfortable you can move on to a fedora or cloche.

A word about baseball hats

Whatever you do, don’t put your ponytail through the hole in the back. Wear a low ponytail (like this) or simply let your hair hang down (like this). Don’t tuck it behind your ears. (In fact, don’t tuck your hair behind your hears when wearing any hat.) You can even try pony tails or braids like this.

They’ll save time

The biggest bonus of wearing hats? You don’t need to do your hair – a major time-saver for moms. Who doesn’t want to save time and look good?

(Starting with top row from left to right)

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Fall Trends for Moms: Camouflage

19 Sep

By Kristin Hull
camo final

Camouflage has been in the fashion scene for quite a while but this fall, it seems to be even more in the spotlight than usual. This is a good thing for moms who seek on-trend clothing that is both versatile and casual, and are bored with their mostly solid-colored closet. The camouflage pattern will add personality and variety to your everyday ensembles without being too “loud” or obnoxious.

Try Some Color

Camo is most often seen in hues of earthy greens and browns but, this season, designers are offering it alternate hues like blue and pink. Don’t be afraid to give them a try. Again, because the patterns are often made with different shades of the same color family the result is subtle yet interesting.

Accessorize With It

If a camo shirt or dress is too much for you, then show your fashion know-how by accessorizing with it. There are plenty of scarves and jewelry, and even hats and shoes, that represent the trend.

How To Wear It

You can always wear camo with other pieces that are the same color, or in the same color family, as those in the pattern. A green- or brown-based pattern can work with similar shades of green, brown, beige, black, white or grey – basically all the neutrals. Looking to pair your neutral camo with a color? Choose hues that would pair well with the camo colors if they were solids (i.e. pink with green camo, orange with brown camo).

(from top row, left to right)

Pretty-Tough Camo Shirt ($29.80/Forever 21)

Worn By Sweatshirt With Camo Sleeves (now $49.78, reg. $92.82/Asos) – free shipping both ways!

Asos Camo Army Parka (now $58.22, reg. $97.88/Asos) – free shipping both ways!

Knit Cardigan ($34.95/H&M)

Neon-Tipped Camouflage Haircalf Skinny Belt ($34.90/Express)

Olsenboye Camouflage Print Striped Scarf (now $13.99, reg. $20/JC Penney)

Camouflage Hinged Bangle Bracelet ($22.90/Express)

Mega BDU Pink Camo Hat ($13.95, Amazon)

Women’s Xhilaration Lisa Flat ($17.99/Target)

With Love From CA Stud Camo Sunglasses (now $9.99, reg. $14.95/PacSun)

Khaki Camouflage Biker Jacket (now $59, reg. $69/Dorothy Perkins) – free shipping!

Angie Camo Print Belted Shirt Dress (now $31.50, reg. $45/Amazon)

Ankle Zip Cargo Legging ($79.90/Express)

Camouflage Covertible Sleeve Portofino Shirt ($59.90/Express)

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Fall Trends You Can Actually Wear: Moto Jackets

4 Sep

By Kristin Hull

Photos courtesy of retailers.

Photos courtesy of retailers.

If you thought moto jackets were just for punks and bikers, think again. Even the preppiest of moms can have a moto jacket all their own. The style remains the same but the patterns and fabric run the gamut from conservative khaki to feminine lace to everyday denim. No matter what your personality or taste, there’s a moto jacket for you.

Why should you want one? Because they are ultimately cool, always chic and one of the hottest trends of the year. For moms, they are as versatile and functional as a blazer. Dress yours up with a pencil skirt and booties, or go casual with a maxi skirt and t-shirt. No matter what you wear it with, you are bound to look (and feel) just a little sassier with it on.

(top row, left to right)

Short Sleeve Moto Jacket (now $31.50, reg. $61/Tulle)

The Camo Twill Moto Jacket (now $45.95, reg. $92/Karma Loop)

Free People Moto Jacket (now $64.99, reg. 148/Macy’s)

(middle row, left to right)

Fillmore Faux-Leather Moto Jacket (now $99, reg. $139/Last Call)

Mossimo Moto Jacket ($34.99/Target)

Denim Jacket ($49.95/H&M)

(bottom row, left to right)

Studded Moto Twill Jacket (now $35.97, reg. $83)

Moto Plaid Wool Coat (now $24.99, reg. $69.50)

Faux Leather Panel Hooded Jacket ($64/Nordstrom – free shipping both ways!)

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Stylist’s Secret: Bra Confessions (Or, Learn From My Mistake)

21 Aug

By Kristin Hull

Don't let this be your bra disaster.

Don’t let this be you.

Well, it seems I need to follow my own advice. You know how sometimes life just gets away from you and after telling your readers over and over how important it is to have a good bra your sister says, “Why do your boobs look so saggy?” and you realize you’ve been wearing the same two bras for FIVE years? Ok, maybe your scenario isn’t exactly like mine but I figure if the person who is preaching to you about quality undergarments can’t even keep track of her bra status then you, with your softball games, school orientations, play dates and general mom duties, may be in a similar situation and not know it either.

Look, we’re all human. Even stylists don’t look perfect all the time. So let’s give ourselves a break. That said though, once we do notice that something is amiss, we need to do ourselves a favor and take care of it, especially where breasts are concerned.

If your “girls” don’t look their best, what you wear won’t matter one bit. Take the photo above for example. The one on the left is me with the new bra on. Notice how the top lays perfectly and flatters my curves. On the right, I’m wearing the old bra. Yikes! It makes me look much wider on top and therefore, heavier. Additionally, my breasts appear saggier (more saggy than they actually are!). I am mortified by how long I was walking around looking like this. Lesson learned. Gulp.

In my previous bra post, I mentioned the store, Intimacy, which is still a great option for quality bras. However, since then, Nordstrom has started carrying European sizes and if you catch them during a sale you can get some high-quality bras for a fraction of the original price. Keep in mind though that it is WORTH THE MONEY to get a bra that fits correctly. You’ll look thinner and clothes will fit better which will make you feel more confident – and you can’t put a price on that.

For some excellent detailed info on bra fit and care, check out this article from bra expert, Linda Becker.

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Get the Look: Button-Downs and Cut-Offs

7 Aug

By Kristin Hull

Photos courtesy of retailers.

Photos courtesy of retailers.

Don’t let the fact that you’re not a twentysomething supermodel keep you from dressing like one. Ok, so maybe you won’t wear the same bathing suit but you certainly can take a cue from Alessandra Ambrosio’s cute everyday mom style.

A button-down shirt is always classy and sophisticated, and when paired with this summer’s trendy cut-offs you’ve got an ensemble that says “casual cool.”

If you prefer longer shorts, consider getting a sleeveless button-down to balance out the fact that more of your legs will be covered. Or, at least, roll long sleeves up above your elbows. Then, just add some simple accessories like beaded bracelets, a watch and sunglasses.

If you want to elongate your legs and you won’t be walking far, try a pair of wedges. Otherwise, as Ms. Ambrosio shows us here, a stylish pair of flats will work just fine.

Nordstrom Titanium Watch ($20/Nordstrom – free shipping both ways!)

Lauren Ralph Lauren Button-Down Shirt ($89.50/Bloomingdales) – Sure, this is a great blouse but any button-down can work well with this look. They’re easy to find in cute patterns and at reasonable prices.

D Frame Sunglasses ($5.80/Forever 21)

Flower Stud Skinny Belt ($7.99/Tilly’s)

The Diva Cut-Off Denim Shorts (reg. $22.94, now $10/Old Navy)

Brown Bodhi Seed Beads Bracelet ($2.99/Amazon)

Purple Bead Peace Charm Bracelet ($3.98/Pier 1)

Sam Edelman Gigi Sandal ($65/Zappos – free shipping both ways!)

Milloo Shoulder Bag ($75/Etsy)

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Ask The Mommy Stylist: Tall and Well-Endowed – Help!

26 Jul

By Kristin Hull


Simply Tall offers cute workout clothes in long lengths. Photo courtesy of Simply Tall.

Dear Mommy Stylist,

I have been desperately trying to figure out styles for myself, but have had no luck. Clothes are either too trendy, too pricey, or don’t fit right. It’s really discouraging and frustrating, to say the least. I was wondering if you could help.

Here are my stats: Mom of two (9 and 7), 36 years old, 6 ft, 175 lbs (straight body type, but with a little pudginess around the belly), 36 DD (large busted!). I typically wear solids – blue, black, sometimes purple or green. I’m stuck in jeans that don’t fit (too short, too tight), and shirts that don’t look good either. 

I really don’t have any style sense. I try to mimic my friends, but they are all petite, small breasted girls, so when I copy their styles I just end up looking pregnant. My husband likes me to wear shorts to show off my long legs, fitted shirts that don’t hide my bust, and a more natural look. But I also am a stay-at-home mom who is at the elementary school every day picking up my kids and/or volunteering or substituting. So I don’t feel comfortable rolling up to school looking like a teenager. Anyway, what would you advise? I feel so overwhelmed! 

Sincerely Desperate, Amber

Hi Amber!

It sounds like you have two main things to address, your large chest and your height.

First, let’s address the breasts.

As much as many women envy large breasts, those of us who have them know that they make dressing extra difficult. It is almost impossible to find tops that don’t make us look sleazy or pull open between the buttons. Unfortunately, people with large breasts have to get much of their wardrobe tailored because most shirts are made boxy and we look best when they are nipped in at the waist.

Try these tips to help make dressing your “assets” easier:

Get a good bra: Read our post about the importance of getting good bras. They can make you look 10 lbs lighter. No joke.

Try a scarf: If a particular top makes you feel self-conscious about your chest throw a long scarf on to cover it a bit. Like this. That way you are still flattering your figure but not showing it off to the world. Scarves also work to cover cleavage when a top is too low cut. But make sure the scarf is made of a thin material so it doesn’t add more bulk. 

Wear black tops: They’ll make you look smaller. I know, who wants to wear a black top all the time? Well, you don’t have to but it’s a great thing to fall back on. Add color with accessories.

Choose v-necks: Crew necks will only emphasize your chest while a v-neck will flow better with your curves making them stand out less.

Tuck loose shirts: One other thing I do when I have a flowy shirt that makes me look pregnant, I tuck in just a small portion of the front of it. That way, it shows your figure a little more but still hides any muffin top. (That’s another hard thing for women with large chests, we have to wear fitted shirts but then our muffin top shows. I bought a pair of Spanx undies that work pretty well but just make sure you can’t see the line of them under your shirt. If so, don’t wear them.)

Find your celebrity body double: A good way to get outfit ideas is to find a celebrity who has your body shape and do an image search for them. You’ll be able to see in one fell swoop what flatters their figure and what doesn’t. Then, start trying to mimic some of those looks (well, just the good ones).

You definitely CAN be a stylish mom without looking like a hoochie.

Now, on to your long legs.

First of all, lucky you. Those of us who are short would kill for legs like yours! But, just like being well-endowed, being tall has its problems too, not he least of which is pant length. Making pants shorter is easy but there isn’t much you can do to lengthen them. And nothing says “I have no style” like a pair of floods. Fortunately, many stores are now getting on the “tall” band wagon. Here are just a few:


Ann Taylor

The Gap

Height Goddess

J. Crew

J. Jill


Long Tall Sally

Old Navy

New York & Company

Simply Tall – They have a nice selection of cute active wear and leggings in long lengths.

On another note, regardless of how tall a woman is, none of us can wear the same pants with flats as with heels – unless they are skinny pants or the currently trendy, ankle pants. We all just have to accept that some of our trousers and jeans will have to be reserved for flats and others for heels.

Thanks for writing! I hope this info was helpful!

(If you have a question for the Mommy Stylist editors, email us at If yours is chosen as a post we will be sure to let you know.)

Time-Saving Tips From My Hairdresser Husband – Part 2

11 Jul

By Kristin Hull

hair styling part 2 finalIn our first post about ways to save time doing your hair we covered washing and drying. This week we’ll focus on styling.

Knowing my inability to get up in the morning, my husband has taught me many valuable time-saving tricks over the years that have helped get me out the door quickly without sacrificing style. Try them out and let us know what you think!

Wake Up With Soft Waves

Remember how we said in our first “Time-Saving Tips From My Hairdresser Husband” post to wash hair at night and let it dry? Well, if you want to wake up with pretty, soft waves there’s one more step involved. Well, several steps, but they’re easy. If your hair is long enough (and you may just have to find out by trial and error), flip your head over and comb hair out with a wide-toothed comb while you are still in the shower. Wrap hair in a towel and let it soak up the extra water for about 15 minutes. Then rub about a quarter’s worth of styling gel between your palms. (The hubs says to never just put product on your fingers, it must be rubbed between hands for a few seconds in order to activate it and evenly distribute it). Flip head over again and apply it to your locks starting at the ends. You really don’t need much at all at the roots. Then just let hair air dry for an hour or so. (The timing on this may take some trial and error – if I don’t let it air dry for a while my hair will still be wet when I take it down in the morning and that just adds more time to my routine because I have to blow it dry).While hair is still damp, flip head over yet again and split hair into two sections, one on the left and one on the right and twist each section over and over until you’ve created a little Princess Lea-type bun. Put a hair elastic around each bun to hold them in place through the night. Sleep on it and when you wake up you’ll have soft, sexy waves. (Note: I like to put my buns as far up near the top of my head as possible so I don’t feel them when I lay down to sleep. Also, you can make as many little buns as you’d like – the more you make the curlier your hair will be.)

Embrace Ponytails, Braids and Buns

When time is a factor, ponytails, braids and buns can be your best friends. Whether high or low, in the center or to the side, ponytails can be fun, sophisticated or sexy. If time permits, pull a small section of hair from underneath the ponytail and wrap it around the rubber band. Then secure it with a bobby pin or clear hair tie to camouflage it. Braid a ponytail and you’ve got yet another look or, braid the piece you wrap around to conceal the rubber band.

One of my favorite quick styles is a sock bun. With a touch of Mad Men and a dash of Audrey Hepburn, it can’t not look good. See my video on how to do it here. Have trouble getting your hair smooth when pulling it back into a ponytail? Me too. Well, here is a trick to get rid of those annoying “bumps.” Stick the pointy end of a tail comb (they are easy to find and very inexpensive) under the hair where the bump is until the point comes out on the other side. Then, slide it all the way to back to the ponytail holder. You may have to do it a few times but for the most part it will make the bump go away.)


Hair accessories are an inexpensive and easy way to do something different with your hair. I personally love the half up, half down style. Be sure to fasten hair in back with a simple barrette, tiny clip or bobby pins (no scrunchies or giant banana clips!). Integrate braids into it for a modern touch. To amp up a regular ponytail add a hair band or headband. Or, try one of those without a ponytail and just let hair hang free.

Part Ways

Change up your part once in a while, even when putting your hair up in a ponytail or headband. Move it further to the side or try it down the middle. It can make a big difference.

Check Your Rear

This may not be a time-saving tip per se but it is the most important tip of all. If you don’t do it, you could end up spoiling the work you put into getting ready: Do not ever leave the house without checking the back of your head (and really, the back of your whole body). How many times have you seen someone who looks like polished perfection from the front but when they turn around there is some embarrassing faux pas for the all world to see (a flat spot at the crown, a tag hanging out, panty lines)? Don’t let that be you.

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TMS Replay: Stylist’s Secret – It’s All In The Bra

2 Jul

By Kristin Hull

Here’s what a bra-fitting at Intimacy can do for you.

Now that The Mommy Stylist has been around for a few years, we decided to occasionally re-post some of our earlier blogs as TMS Replays so that new readers can benefit from them as well. (And they can serve as reminders for those who have been with us from the beginning). Enjoy!

Ladies, let’s face it. As much as you love your children, and as much as you bonded while they were breast-feeding, those little angels wreaked havoc on your breasts. It is for that reason that a really good, well-fitting bra is a necessity! If your “girls” are saggy, no one needs to know. And believe me, when you have an ill-fitting bra, everyone knows. Most women, in fact, wear the wrong size bra, even those who haven’t had children. But don’t think you can just run over to Target and grab a new one. In fact, that’s the last place you should buy a bra.

There aren’t going to be many times when we tell you to spend a little extra money but in this case it is vital. A good bra could cost you $50-$100. MAKE THE INVESTMENT. A quality bra should last years and can make you look bigger if you’re small on top and smaller if you are big on top. The wrong size bra (especially on large-breasted women) can squeeze breasts out to the side, making you look wider. A bra that fits will keep that from happening which will make you look thinner. (Trust me, I speak from experience.)

So now that you’re convinced you need a good bra where do you get one? Well, for those of you who live in a city that has an Intimacy store, make some time to go there ASAP. They carry European sizes which have a much wider range than American sizes. Doesn’t that make more sense? How can every American woman fit into one of five or six sizes? Ridiculous. Intimacy has bra fit specialists who come in the changing room with you and make sure you leave with a perfect fitting bra. Don’t let the fact that another woman, who has insecurities about her body too, is going to see you topless. They are very professional and even have little silk robes in the changing room for you to put on while your “specialist” is out on the floor gathering bras for you to try on. Like I said, you will have to spend a bit more but it is totally worth it. You can be wearing the most gorgeous outfit ever but if your breasts are saggy you may as well be sporting a potato sack. It will ruin the entire outfit. Oh, and Intimacy does free alterations for the life of your bra so if they ever get stretched out or break, you won’t have to buy a new one. You can even make an appointment for a free bra fitting on their website. Since you are a busy mom that might be the best option for you. Then you won’t risk having to wait.

And for those of you who don’t have access to Intimacy, try Nordstrom, Macy’s or Victoria’s Secret. Ask someone to measure you and have them check the bras after you put them on to help assess if they fit correctly. Don’t trust yourself. You aren’t a bra expert, they are.

By the way, did you know bras are supposed to be hooked on the widest clasp? Then as the elastic gets stretched out (which it will in any bra) you are supposed to move in to the next set of hooks. I always bought mine in a size where I had to wear it on the tightest hooks. Totally wrong. Waaaay too big. Now you know.

And lastly, don’t ever wear a lacy or textured bra under a smooth, fitted top. There is nothing tackier than seeing lumps and lines under a shirt. And if you can see the line at the top of the cup through your shirt, you’re either wearing the wrong size or wrong style for that kind of shirt. I suggest getting a smooth black bra and a smooth nude bra. Those can be worn with anything and will be comfortable on a daily basis.

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What to Wear: 4th of July Fireworks

26 Jun

By Kristin Hull

what-to-wear-fireworks-finalThe best time to dress hippie chic is well, when you’re acting like a hippie. And what’s more hippie than gathering up the whole brood, filling up the picnic basket, lounging on a blanket and gazing into the sky? But don’t worry – hippie “chic” doesn’t mean donning tie-dye and floral hair wreaths. It means taking a cue from the “children of the earth” by wearing pieces that are conducive to sitting on the ground, chasing the kids around, and eating with your hands while looking super cute and on-trend. It’s fun to dress in a certain style especially when the situation calls for it. The key though, is to not look costume-y or like you’re trying too hard. That said, we’ve put together an easy outfit to wear to this year’s 4th of July fireworks.

A hat will keep the sun at bay until it gets dark (and after that, it will serve as cute fashion statement and cover up the hair that you didn’t have time to do before leaving the house). Maxi skirts are a dream come true – not only are they comfortable but you can sit with them pulled up off your legs during the warm evening but then cover them when it cools off. And don’t just wear any belt – for the sake of comfort, and to be able to get up and down a lot, a stretchy elastic one is a must. The jean jacket will keep you toasty on top; the flat sandals are easy to walk in (because you’ll most likely have to make a few trips to and from the car); and the bag is large enough to carry the plethora of “stuff” an outdoor event with the family requires. The best part? All of these versatile pieces can be rotated into different outfits that are already in your closet.

BP. Straw Fedora ($20/Nordstrom)

Mossimo Women’s Cap Sleeve Core Fashion Tee ($10/Target)

Beaded Bracelet ($4.80/Target)

Silver Feather Adjustable Cord Bracelet ($14.99/Target)

Fringed Eagle Necklace ($4.80/Target)

Sonoma life + style Wide Stretch Belt ($18/Kohl’s)

Mossimo Women’s Denim Jacket ($29.99/Target)

Roxy Tall Tale Sling Bag ($42/Zappos – free shipping both ways!)

Swingy Maxi ($79.95-89.95/Coldwater Creek)

Christin Michaels Yani Sandals ($40.99/Zappos – free shipping both ways!)

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Time-Saving Tips From My Hairsdresser Husband – Part 1

21 Jun

By Kristin Hull

Fortunately, we don't have to dry our hair like this anymore. Photo courtesy of Life.

Fortunately, we don’t have to dry our hair like this anymore. Photo courtesy of Life.

I’ve learned many things being married to a hairdresser. One thing is that they have a much harder job than I ever imagined. They’re on their feet doing the same repetitive motions all day long, every day (not good on the body); they have to always be cheerful no matter how they feel personally, or how crabby or rude a client might be; they have to understand the geometry of a sphere (which is why I could never do the job); and they don’t get paid vacation or sick days – missing work means missing out on income. On top of all this, they need to have the skill to pull off a fabulous haircut or color job. Easy, right?

I do have to say though that being married to someone who does this for a living has afforded me some insider tips I wouldn’t otherwise have been privy to. In fact, there is so much information to share with you that I decided to break this post in two parts – washing and drying, and styling. The second installment will be published in a few weeks. If you haven’t already, sign up for an email subscription on the top, right-hand side of our home page so you don’t miss out on any future posts!

Washing and Drying Made Easy

I am NOT a morning person so anything that can help shorten the time between when I get up and when I leave the house is quickly adopted into my regimen. I want to look as good as everyone else, only in 20 minutes or less – and most moms are lucky if they get even that much time. The tips below have helped me immensely and they’ll hopefully do the same for you. Happy primping!

Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow

This is not short hair discrimination. In fact, my husband and I both love short hair. But the truth is, unless you have a pixie cut, short hair is not “easier hair.” In fact, a cropped coif takes more time and effort. Not only do you have to get it cut more often, which depletes time and money, but in order for it to look right you actually have to DO it. Longer hair however (at least below your shoulders), can be cute and stylish in mere minutes.

Do your wash at night

Skip the annoying blow dry process altogether and save yourself a lot of time (and cuticle damage) by washing your hair at night and letting it air dry. Then, in the a.m. all you need to do is a little styling.


This is one time when discrimination is good – only wash the parts of your hair that are dirty. Most of us first show grease at the roots while the ends can go without cleaning much longer. If you don’t want to go the dry shampoo route (see below), put your hair in a ponytail just below the crown. Then, place a shower cap over the ponytail (to make this easier, tuck in the ends of your hair into the ponytail holder so it is more of a bun) and then put a ponytail holder around the outside of the shower cap so, basically, it is only covering the bun. Then, in the shower, just get the top of your head wet and wash it. When you get out you’ll only have to dry that part.

Make friends with dry shampoo

We have all heard that washing and drying our hair daily causes damage, not to mention how much time it takes up, so learn to love dry shampoo. There are many brands out there now and even the least expensive ones work well. Just don’t spray them too close to your head or you’ll have a big messy blob to contend with. Bumble and bumble offers dry shampoo in a variety of natural shades from light yellow to red, grey, brown and black. A matching color isn’t really necessary but it is nice. Scratch your head and you’ll have to clean it out from under your fingernails but hey, that’s a small price to pay for saving yourself an hour in the morning.

Blow Dry Immediately

I used towel dry my hair a bit (especially my bangs) right after getting out of the shower. Then, I’d wait until after doing my make-up to blow-dry it. Both of these are no-nos. Towel drying is damaging, and the longer you wait to dry your hair the longer it has to start to dry on its own, in the wrong direction. Once I stopped doing these two things my hair looked infinitely better.

Go all the way

Does your hair ever look good right when you finish blow-drying it but within a few hours it’s going in all kinds of odd directions? That’s because you didn’t completely dry it. Hair can look dry even when it isn’t. The hubs says that once you think it is time to turn off the dryer, don’t. Keep at it for several more minutes. Otherwise, all that work will be for naught.

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The Six Purses Every Mom Should Own

6 Jun

By Kristin Hull

Photos courtesy of retailers

Photos courtesy of retailers

How many times have you carried a purse you knew didn’t look right with your outfit simply because 1) you didn’t have one that would match, 2) you didn’t have time to change purses (we can help you with that in this post), or 3) you didn’t have one appropriate for the occasion. We’ve all been there but with just a few basic handbag styles in your arsenal, you should be able to avoid that fashion faux pas in the future.

A mom needs a purse that is versatile, affordable, stylish, big enough to carry all the necessities, and small enough that it won’t weigh her down. There are  a million options out there and we’ve narrowed them down to six that should cover all your needs. Let’s get started.

The Everyday Handbag

For an everyday “go to” handbag, something in a neutral shade will serve you best. Look for black, grey or variations of brown (chocolate, camel, nude). These colors will be the most versatile and compliment just about any outfit. Either a shoulder bag or satchel (my personal favorite – they just make me feel more sophisticated) will work – it just depends on your preference.

1. Latique Mallorca Convertible Hobo ($68.60/Kohl’s)

2. Kelly & Katie Jorden Woven Scoop Tote ($44.95/DSW – free shipping for Rewards members)

An Evening Bag

For a plethora of reasons, many of us buy our dressy dresses in black – they’re slimming, don’t show stains, and are less noticeable when we wear them again and again (which really shouldn’t matter anyway but hey, we all think about it). Wearing black provides the perfect opportunity to go all out with your handbag. Bright colors, shimmery sequins, beads, and patterns will all work well with basic black.

3. Contrast Lace Snap Baguette Clutch Evening Bag ($26.99/PacificPlex)

4. Lulu Townsend Sequin Pattern Munaudiere Clutch ($29.95/DSW – free shipping for Rewards members)

A Patterned Bag

You know those days when you look in the mirror after getting dressed and realize that everything your wearing is a solid color? You wish you had the time to put something more exciting together but Emma has to get to soccer practice and you have a thousand errands to run so you just “deal with it” and feel a little dumpy all day. An easy way to counter this is by toting a fun, patterned purse. Find one that you love, one that makes you smile, and watch those “outfit blues” fade away.

5. Franco Sarto Lexington Hobo ($49.95/DSW – free shipping for Rewards members)

6. Warehouse Leopard Satchel ($50.91/Asos – free shipping both ways!)

The Everyday Crossbody

For those times when carrying a satchel or shoulder bag will look ridiculous (i.e. a street fair, a sporting event, a picnic) the cross body swoops in to save the day. I prefer a larger style as they can accommodate a water bottle, a light jacket, etc. but the size is up to you and your needs. Like the everyday handbag, a neutral tone may serve you best but sometimes a touch of color or a fun pattern will do the trick. Just make sure it matches your outfit.

7. Kelly & Katie 2 Tone Cross Body Bag ($25/DSW – free shipping for Rewards members)

8. Rosetti Cross-Body Bag ($19.99/Kohl’s)

A Day Clutch

Every woman needs a day clutch for “girly events” like showers and luncheons as well as things like afternoon weddings and graduation parties. They’re just a little dressier than your everyday handbag and add an air of city chic to your look. (Although they’re called “day” clutches they can be used at night for events that are too informal for an evening bag.)

9. Zigzag Raffia Clutch ($16.80/Forever 21)

10. Aldo “Spotted” Cluch ($45/Aldo)

A Colorful Bag

Colorful handbags can serve the same purpose as patterned ones. However, they’re easier to pair with busy clothing so you’ll be out the door, feeling fabulous, in no time.

11. Mondani Audra Ostrich Tote ($52.50/Kohls)

12. Apt. 9 Brooklyn Straw Hobo ($29.40/Kohls)

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Try the Trend: Ankle Pants

29 May

By Kristin Hull
ankle pants finalFollowing the trends (in a grown-up and sophisticated way, of course) is one of the best ways to look put-together. One of our favorites this season is the ankle pant. Longer than cropped pants but shorter than regular pants, this versatile style can be worn by any body shape. Even better, they’ll work with a wide variety of shoes from  high-heeled or flat sandals to pumps, oxfords or Mary Janes. And because of this, transitioning them from work day to weekend couldn’t be easier.

As you can see in some of the photos above, rolling long pants up to ankle length is just fine. If you already have some skinnies or straight-leg pants in your closet, you can easily get the look without spending a cent.

And lastly, for outfit ideas, take note of what the celebs in the photos are wearing with their ankle pants. Blazers, sweaters and tees all mesh well to create a sleek, chic ensemble you can be proud of.

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Stylish Swimsuits That Flatter and Hide in All The Right Places

22 May

By Kristin Hull

Photos courtesy of retailers

Photos courtesy of retailers

Well ladies, we’ve once again come upon that dreaded time of year  - swimsuit season. But, it needn’t be as bad as you think because we’ve found some figure-flatting and forgiving (i.e. gut- and butt-hiding) styles to make you feel like your nineteen-year-old self again. Remember though, you’ll have to shell out some extra dough for a quality bathing suit but it will be well worth it. After having kids (as well as getting older) those $10 bikinis at Forever 21 won’t quite do the trick. This is one instance where you absolutely must splurge for quality’s sake. Plus, a good swimsuit should last you a few years. And it will no doubt make you look better than you thought you could. And when you’re practically naked, it doesn’t get better than that.

Be sure to read the descriptions below to find out which designs will show off your best qualities and hide your worst.

(from top row, left to right)

  •  Anne Cole Striped One Shoulder Swimsuit ($112/South Beach Swimsuits – free shipping on orders over $100): The angled, narrow stripes slim the mid-section.
  • Betsey Johnson Beauty Mark Swimdress ($148/Everything But Water): The black vertical lines help elongate the body while the non-frumpy skirt hides the hips and rear.
  • Karla Coletto Red Draped Bandeau Swimsuit ($281/South Beach Swimsuits - free shipping on orders over $100): If you’re bigger in the middle this is the suit for you; the loose, draped material hides just about everything between the chest and hips.
  • Tommy Bahama Scroll Paisley Swimsuit (now $85.20, reg. $98, South Beach Swimsuits - free shipping on orders over $100): The busy pattern and rouching in the middle will make you look smaller than you are.
  • Black Tie” Skirted Swimsuit ($138/Nordstrom – free shipping both ways!): We love the way the retro look is modernized on this adorable style. Cover your upper thighs, rear and hips while showing off your assets. Again, rouching will camouflage.
  • Athena Harbor Island Swimsuit ($81.99/Zappos – free shipping both ways!): Apple body types will love this swimsuit as it covers their main problem area.
  • DKNY Chic Stripes Spliced One-Shoulder Maillot ($112/Zappos – free shipping both ways!): Diagonal stripes are always slimming and will add curves.
  • Motel 50s Style Halter Swimsuit ($59.40/Asos – free shipping both ways!): The black vertical panels on the sides of this design will make you appear narrower.
  • Michael Michael Kors Racerback Scuba One-Piece ($140/Neiman Marcus - free shipping through 5/31 with code MAYFS): Like the previous swimsuit, the white vertical side panels are slimming as are the grey panels on the legs.
  • Carmen Marc Valvo Malawi Floral-Print Swimdress ($159/Neiman Marcus – free shipping through 5/31 with code MAYFS): This bathing suit is a triple threat: the fifties-style fitted skirt, busy pattern and rouching will keep those soft spots well hidden.
  • Betsey Johnson Shirr Delight Swimdress ($148/Everything But Water): A cute skirt will cover those lower body problem areas.
  • Magicsuit Draped Swimsuit ($148/Macy’s): Another great suit for the apple figure; the loose, draped material will camouflage the middle.

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Ask The Mommy Stylist: What Should I Wear to a Semi-Formal Business Dinner?

8 May

By Kristin Hull

ask tms dresses

Photos courtesy of retailers

Dear Mommy Stylist,

I need to find a dress to wear to a semi-formal dinner when I accompany my husband on a business trip. It’s a golf weekend in Pebble Beach in June for executives and their spouses. I know how to dress for my job, for being a mom, for hanging out – but the corporate wife thing is totally out of my comfort zone. I want to look nice, but still like me. I already have a black dress so I’d like to find something colorful as an alternative.


(We contacted Julee to get a little more information about her likes and dislikes and found out her favorite stores are Zara, Loft and H&M; her favorite designer is Marc Jacobs; she likes the fifties “Mad Men” style, prefers solid-colored garments and is not into florals, pastels or anything too trendy. She has a slim apple-shaped figure and needs a style that will hide her post-baby tummy.) 

Dear Julee,

Based on everything you told us, we’ve found some great dresses that fit the “business-appropriate” criteria and are under your $200 price limit. The important thing is to look attractive but not sexy, and stylish but not flashy. And because you’re child-free for the night, take the opportunity to wear high-heels, or at least wedges. If you need something to keep away the chill at night, try a waist-length blazer or cardigan. Lastly, be sure to apply moisturizing cream to your legs; it will make them look, and feel, silky smooth all night.

(top row, left to right)

Lines of Poetry Dress ($89.99/Modcloth – free shipping):

Ignite the Night Dress ($52.99/Modcloth - free shipping): 

Moonlight Marvel Dress ($177.99/Modcloth - free shipping)

‘Tis a Shift to Be Simple Dress ($52.99/Modcloth - free shipping):

Suzi Chin for Maggy Boutique Pleateed Front V-Neck Dress ($138/Nordstrom – fre shipping both ways!)

(second row, left to right)

Donna Morgan Colorblock Peplum Dress ($49.50/Last Call):

Linger a Little Longer Dress ($177.99/Modcloth - free shipping)

Red Fifties-Style Dress ($170/Stop Staring)

Azure Allure Dress ($52.99/Modcloth - free shipping): 

Vince Camuto Draped Tunic Dress ($128/Nordsstrom – free shipping both ways!)

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Ask The Mommy Stylist: How To Quickly and Easily Add Color To Your Wardrobe

24 Apr

By Kristin Hull

Photo courtesy of retailers

Photo courtesy of retailers

Dear Mommy Stylist,

I wear a lot of black. In fact, my closet is filled with black clothes. I’d like to wear more color but don’t have the budget to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. How can I brighten things up without spending a fortune?


Dear Denise,

Have no fear! Your problem is easily solved – accessorize! Inexpensive accessories are everywhere. From Target to TJ Maxx, you’ll find scarves, jewelry, hats, handbags, shoes, jackets and more. And the best part is that these pieces can be utilized over and over with various outfits, dressy or casual. We’ve put together some examples in the photo above. So next time you’re feeling blah in black, dig into your new bag of colorful tricks for a pop of color that will put a spring in your step.

  1. Coral Colourblock Flats ($44/Dorothy Perkins)

  2. Nine West Immunity Wedges ($79/Zappos – free shipping both ways!)

  3. Endzone Orange Gingham Headband ($20/High Cotton)

  4. Studded Enamel Cuff Watch ($12.99/Charlotte Russe)

  5. Treasured Friend Necklace ($29.99/Modcloth – free shipping both ways!)

  6. Blue Perforated Duffle Cross Body (sale $35, reg. $49/Dorothy Perkins)

  7. Sasha Samba Belt ($15.99/Modcloth – free shipping both ways!)

  8. Mossimo Sateen Blazer ($34.99/Target)

  9. Xhiliration Star Print Scarf ($14.99/Target)

  10. Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips ($4.99/Ulta)

  11. Olivia + Joy Tracker Satchel ($59.95/DSW)

  12. La Mer Watch with Layer Wrap ($39.99/Target)

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What to Wear: Graduation Ceremony

12 Apr

By Kristin Hull

Photos courtesy of retailers

Photos courtesy of retailers

Graduation parties often run the gamut from casual get-togethers to sassy soirées, but graduation ceremonies almost always fall into the dressier category. We’re not talking cocktail attire but rather, a pretty daytime ensemble that would also work for a shower or luncheon. Think sundresses with high-heeled sandals or a pair of bright-colored ankle pants (not jeans) with a white blouse and some nude pumps. Or, think like we did: try an a-line above-the-knee skirt with a lacy top and a skinny belt. Since those pieces are the picture of femininity, we balanced them out with a motorcycle-style bouclé jacket and modern accessories. A leopard print wedge finishes off the outfit a classic touch.

Bouclé Moto Jacket ($32.80/Forever 21): Too rock and roll for you? Try a cardigan or a blazer – just make sure they don’t fall past your waist.

Make the Mocha of It Top ($57.99/Modcloth – free shipping both ways!)

Wroughts of You Earrings ($12.99/Modcloth – free shpping both ways!)

Chain Patterned Hinge Bracelet ($8.80/Forever 21): Do the unexpected and wear this bracelet on the same wrist as the watch.

Square Buckle Hip Belt ($4.80/Forever 21): This skirt comes with a blue ribbon attached at the waist. If the color doesn’t work with the outfit, simply cover the ribbon with a belt that does.

Midi Skirt in Texture ($58.19/Asos): The texture of this skirt gives it the “wow” factor.

5th Avenue Watch ($26/Pitaya)

Calvin Klein Saxton Leopard Print Shoe ($71.99/6pm – free shipping!): Wedges are easier to walk in than heels, especially when chasing little ones around or traipsing through grass.

Julia Envelope Clutch (now $44.99, reg. $88/Victoria’s Secret)

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Spring Trends Moms Can Get on Board With: Florals

27 Mar

By Kristin Hull

mom magazine, mom fashion, budget fashion

Photos courtesy of retailers

Before you dismiss florals as too frou-frou or too “old lady” take a look at our picks and you may just change your mind.  From vintage prints to modern, there’s something for everyone. Florals come in varying sizes, colors, patterns and styles; they work on all body types and will last through spring and summer.

1. Eye For Ikebana Shirt ($69.99/Modcloth – free shipping both ways!)

2. H&M Top ($17.95/H&M)

3. Garden Floral Oversized Glasses ($5.99/Charlotte Russe)

4. Essential Watercolor Shorts ($15.80/Forever 21 – free shipping on orders over $50)

5. Placed Floral Halter Top ($34.90/Express)

6. Victorian Floral Print Oblong Scarf ($8/Dots)

7. Search Hibiscus and Aloha Dress ($49.99/Modcloth – free shipping on orders over $50)

8. Floral Print Trim Fedora ($13/Make Me Chic)

9. Everyday Daisy Flat ($39.99/Modcloth – free shipping both ways!)

10. Watercolor Floral Skinny Belt ($9.99 includes a skinny black belt/Charlotte Russe)

11. High-Waisted Floral Print Pants ($19.8-/Forever 21)

12. Floral High-Waisted Denim Short ($24.99/Charlotte Russe)

13. Floral Dot Canvas Backpack ($26.99/Charlotte Russe)

14. Belted Romper (on sale $49, reg. $119/Charlotte Russe)

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Spring Trends Moms Can Get on Board With: Brights

13 Mar

By Kristin Hull

mom magazine, mom style, mom fashion, budget shopping, cheap clothes

Photos courtesy of retailers

Do you always see other women wearing color and envy them? Do you wonder if you can pull it off? Well, you can. This spring one of the hottest trends is bright colors so now is the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and dive in. One of my favorite pairings is a bright hue with a neutral like black, grey, white, khaki or navy blue. You don’t have to be a neon sign, just one piece of color will do. We’ve gathered up some of the cutest Mommy Stylist-approved pieces we could find. Click the links to order them online or print the photo and put it in your purse to look for them, or something similar, the next time you’re out and about. 

People love color in general. And we can bet that if you do try the trend you’ll get compliments all day long. You may even inspire a few other moms to do the same.

1. Twist of Lime Top ($34.99/Modcloth - free shipping and returns!)

2. Green Denim Jacket ($24.97/Old Navy)

3. Soludos Original Dali Espadrilles ($28/Shopbop)

4. Style on the Wild Side Dress ($74.99/Modcloth – free shipping and returns!)

5. Colorful Personality Bracelet ($14.99/Modcloth – free shipping and returns!)

6. Pink Blazer ($19.95/H&M)

7. NCLA Nail Lacquer in Pick Me Up at Melrose Place ($16/Shop Sosie)

8. Life in Progress Tuxedo Stripe Skinny Jeans ($24.80/Forever 21)

9. Calvin Klein Jeans Ikat Printed Short ($19.99/6pm – free shipping!)

10. Joe Fresh Print Screen Coat ($49/JC Penney)

11. Ebb and Billow Top ($37.99/Modcloth – free shipping and returns!)

12. Raise the Sandbar Sandal in Citrus ($49.99/Modcloth – free shipping and returns!)

13. Joe Fresh 2-Tone Pleated Pull-On Skirt ($49/JC Penney)

14. Color Pop Modern Skinny Jeans ($24.88, reg. $59.50/Loft)

15. Casual and Effect Flat ($39.99/Modcloth – free shipping both ways!)

16. Zip Pocket Cross Body Purse ($19.80/Forever 21)

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Spring Trends Mom Can Get On Board With: Colored Lace

1 Mar

By Kristin Hull

colored-lace-finalSometimes, when people think of lace they think of grandmothers and bygone eras. But the truth is, that when done right, lace is lovely, super-feminine – and yes, even fashionable. This spring the classic fabric has been modernized with color. Blues, reds, pinks, greens, oranges and yellows abound. And it doesn’t always have to be dressy. Try a lace top and jeans for a play date, lace shorts with a tee for a picnic, or a casual dress with a pair of lace flats for running errands.

1. Navy blouse (Modcloth, $44.99)

2. Pink flats (Charlotte Russe, $22.50)

3. Yellow top (Forever 21, $17.80)

4. Pale blue skater skirt (Modcloth, $47.99)

5. Pink dress (Modcloth, $127.99)

6. Burgundy cardigan (Banana Republic, $64.99)

7. Tangerine peplum top (Accents, $42)

8. Cloche Hat (Zappos, $38.99)

9. Ombre scarf (Dorothy Perkins, $21)

10. Peach Skirt (Modcloth, $37.99)

11. Blue shorts (Tulle, $21.50)

12. Purple flats (Nordstrom, $57.95)

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Spring Fashion: Trends That Will Work For Moms

13 Feb

By Kristin Hull


Spring trends moms can get into (literally): Asian Influence at Etro, Sheer Fabric at Sophie Theallet, Sporty Dresses at Rag and Bone, Ruffles at Givenchy.
(Photos courtesy of

Even though some of you are still bundled up in a winter coat, spring will be here before we know it. So, now is the perfect time to familiarize yourself with the upcoming trends. I know, I know, you’ve already got enough on your mind. But, don’t worry; we’re here to give you the bullet points and make it easy. It’s vital that you know what the trends are in order to be “that mom” – the one who always looks modern and sophisticated, even when she’s dropping the kids off at school. To that end, wearing outfits that are current is the most effective way to look (and feel) your best.

Each season brings many trends, but not all of them are appropriate for a mom. So, we’ve sorted through the list and singled out the ones that will be most conducive to your lifestyle. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to identify the latest styles in stores and make purchases with confidence. (Watch for our upcoming shopping posts focusing on some of these trends in the coming weeks.)

Wearable spring fashions for moms:

  • Stripes (of all colors, not just black and white)

  • Sheer fabric

  • Ruffles (especially unique, architectural ones)

  • Leather

  • Floral/botanical prints

  • Colored lace

  • Black and white patterns

  • White (depending on the age of your children, this may or may not be an option)

  • Asian influence

  • Sporty dresses

  • Bright hues (especially royal blue)

And speaking of colors, every year Pantone sets the standard for the colors  for each season. Below are the shades for spring 2013. Keep these in mind when shopping for your new on-trend clothes and accessories.

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Stylist’s Secret: Changing Purses To Match Your Outfit Is Easier Than You Think

30 Jan

By Kristin Hull


Storing essentials in pretty cosmetic bags makes switching purses quick and easy. ($14.99-$34.99/Target)

For most women, changing purses each day seems like more trouble than it’s worth. I used to feel that way. My biggest fear was that something important would be left behind in a pocket or a hidden corner. I felt this way for good reason; it had happened to me on several occasions. But the more I started to work in fashion, the more I realized what a difference matching my handbag to my outfit made. It’s just as important an accessory as any other. And a mismatched one can ruin even the most stylish ensemble. Additionally, a purse shouldn’t just work with an outfit based on color or pattern; size, shape and appropriate-ness must be taken into account as well. There’s nothing tackier than seeing a women in her workout clothes carrying a dressy purse or, God forbid, vice versa.

Fortunately, most of us know the difference between a casual and a dressy purse and when to carry each. I think the problem lies in the fact that no mom has time to switch out her purses. It’s not that she doesn’t want to or doesn’t know that she should, it’s that she’s usually running out the door with nary a moment to brush her hair. But, if you want to be the cutest, most stylish mom you can be, it would behoove you to swap purses at least some of the time. As you’ve seen, we at The Mommy Stylist always try to offer handbag options that are functional and versatile so that you don’t have to make the switch every single day, but on the occasions that call for it, we have a simple solution that will ensure you won’t leave anything behind: You need to become a bag lady.

No, not that kind of bag lady. But a bag lady nonetheless. Basically, you’re just going to put everything from your purse into smaller bags.You can use one big cosmetic bag for the whole shebang like I do, or try a few of varying sizes. The whole point is that when it comes time to change purses you won’t have to dig through every last pocket to transfer it all over; just move the bags from one purse to the next. Voila! I like mine to be clear so I can easily find what I’m looking for in them but you can use whatever color or pattern you prefer. But no Ziplocs! The whole point is to make you look (and therefore feel) better. You will not feel confident shuffling through a mishmash of sandwich bags. Another bonus is that this system will actually keep your purses more organized. And what mom couldn’t benefit from little more organization?

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Mom to Mom: Mommy Stylist-Inspired Look

16 Jan

By Kristin Hull

mom fashion, fashion mommy, budget shopping, cheap shopping, mom style, mommy stylist

Mom, Bethany Warren, recently sent us some photos of an outfit she put together based on our suggestions. We think she did a great job and wanted to share her success with you so that you may be inspired to create a similar look. Bethany’s entire ensemble was less than $90 and consists of versatile pieces that will work with all kinds of outfits. See the cost breakdown below.

Note: For the full-length picture, Bethany couldn’t find her hat, a problem I’m sure many busy moms can relate to. So, we’ve included a close-up shot she took of herself a few weeks earlier. Either way, we think she looks adorable!

  • Matching hat/scarf combo is Calvin Klein from TJMaxx, $15.

  • Red plaid shirt is Mossimo Red from Target, $12 clearance.

  • Blue t-shirt is Gap Outlet, $8.

  • Jeans are Vigold from TJMaxx, $13.

  • Boots are Madden Girl from Victoria’s Secret, $39 clearance.

  • The red bag was passed to her from a girlfriend “who thought my diaper bag could use some style.”

Do you have an inexpensive, cute, functional outfit you’d like to share with other moms? Send us a photo and you just might be featured in our next “Mom to Mom” post.

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The Mommy Stylist Mission Statement

31 Dec

By Kristin Hull

Hey Moms,

With the new year approaching, we decided to make a resolution of our own. In an effort to let you know where we’re at and what our goals are we came up with a mission statement that reflects what we’ve been doing all along and what we intend to keep doing in the future. We hope you’ll continue to gain insight and learn from our posts and be the hot mom on the outside that you are on the inside.

Wishing all of you a wonderful 2013!

The Mommy Stylist Mission Statement:

The goal of The Mommy Stylist is to help busy moms on a budget find quality, on-trend clothing and put together outfits that make them feel stylish and confident.

Anything we feature must:

-Be functional: A mom needs clothes that will allow her to bend, twist, lift, carry, sit on the ground, get in and out of the car, etc.

-Be fashionable: Being on-trend doesn’t mean having to look like a teenager; it means looking sophisticated and put-together.

-Be inexpensive (but not cheap-looking): Who wants to spend a lot on clothes that are likely to get tears, drool, dirt, etc. on them?

-Be forgiving: Pieces that help camouflage the butt, gut and problem areas in between are what moms need, not skin tight dresses worn by size 2 models. We deal with real people and real bodies – and we make them look good!

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Ask The Mommy Styilst: How To Look Fashionable In Sports Team Apparel

19 Dec

By Kristin Hull

the mommy stylist, mommy stylist, team clothes, how to wear, chic mom, mom style

Dear Mommy Stylist,

With four school-aged kids who are all involved in sports, I find myself wearing team t-shirts often. But I never feel cute in them – maybe because the shirts are always boxy. How can I wear them so I don’t feel so dumpy? 

This is an excellent question – one which I’ve struggled with when wearing “team” shirts. One way to pretty them up is to follow Heidi Klum’s lead in the photo above and cut the neckline wide enough so the shirt hangs off one shoulder. I wouldn’t suggest it be as wide as hers is but if it sits just an inch below your shoulder it will look cute without the risk of being trashy.

Or, try going the Sandra Bullock route by wearing a casual long, drapey sweater over it with some jeans and Converse sneakers.

Another idea is to wear a belt with your jeans and only tuck your shirt into the front just in the section over the buckle like this (yes, it’s a photo of a man by hey, he’s doing it right so…). It helps to add some style and keep the shirt from looking too boxy.

Keep the look simple. I would most often pair it with jeans or black leggings. Remember though, if you wear leggings make sure the shirt is long enough to cover your crotch area completely.

For shoes, knee-high riding boots or flat ankle boots would be field-, court- or rink -appropriate and give you some style.

And if you’re going to wear a baseball cap don’t put your hair behind your ears. Let it hang down straight like this. Or, put it in a low ponytail either in the back or a little to the side and then pull the ponytail over your shoulder. A braid done either of those ways would be cute too.

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Stylist’s Secret: Know Your Body Shape (We’ll Show You How)

5 Dec

 By Kristin Hull and Lisa Miller

body types, body shapes, hourglass, apple, pear, straight, how to dress, body types

Hourglass figure – Selma Hayek, Apple – Queen Latifah, Straight – Cameron Diaz, Pear – Kristin Davis

Knowing one’s body shape is essential to dressing well (and to looking and feeling good). No matter your size, once your body shape is determined, you’ll be able to work with your figure to show off your best assets.

Many will argue that there are more than four body types, which is true; however, most women do fall into one of the four basic types – apple, pear, straight and hourglass. In the photo above, we chose shots that we felt really illustrated each shape. Yes, these celebs may be heavier or thinner than you but the basic silhouette still exists. Using well-known women makes it easy to see what type of outfits flatter their, and your, figure best. Once you identify with a certain celebrity’s body shape, keep an eye on that person and even do some research (in your spare time!) to see their many looks. Simply type “[celeb’s name] street style” into an image search and hundreds of photos will come up. Even they take risks and make mistakes so seeing where they’ve succeeded and where they’ve failed will provide a guideline as to what will look best on you.

Dressing the different shapes is about balancing the body out to create the illusion of proportion. Apples want to emphasize their slim bottom half and pears aim to draw attention to their upper half. The goal of the straight figure is to create curves while the hourglass attempts to keep her curves under control. Each silhouette has its own unique challenges, so pinpointing the one that you most identify with is vital to overcoming those obstacles. Dressing should leave you feeling attractive and confident, and knowing your body type is the first step to getting there.

Before going any further, we need to interject a very important point. None of our body shape advice will matter at all if your breasts look droopy. So before anything else, the first thing you need to do after figuring out your shape is to GET A GOOD BRA. Read how to go about that here.

Below, we’ve broken down each body type and provided info we think will be the most helpful to you. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

Apple Body

  • Who: Queen Latifah, Oprah, Drew Barrymore

  • What: Apple body types tend to carry their weight in the middle, between the hips and chest. They have hips that are narrower than their upper body. Since you’re bigger on top you want to de-emphasize that part and draw attention to your slim bottom half as well as elongate the torso.

  • Wear: Darker colors on the upper half of your body and brighter ones on the lower. Loose, boxy shirts and shift dresses are best, as well as A-line skirts. V-necks draw the eye upward, away from the stomach and long tops lengthen the torso . Straight-leg/boot cut pants will also help even you out – but going any wider than that is a no-no.

  • Don’t wear: Shirts with bold shoulders or your upper half will appear bigger. Avoid tops that are too tight or form fitting as they will hug your “curves” and end up making you look heavier. Just say no to skinny jeans, leggings, big ruffles and wide-leg pants.

Straight Body

  • Who: Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Jessica Parker

  • What: Straights basically have the same measurements from shoulders to hips, including the waist. Yes, they are already balanced, but they often complain of not having curves.

  • Wear: Belts to create a waist and give the illusion that the shoulders and hips are wider than the middle. Also, try pieces that make the shoulders and hips look more pronounced like cap sleeves, exaggerated shoulders (although not as exaggerated as they were in the eighties), skirts with gathers in the hip area, peplums. A quality bra can help create curves, as well as tops with collars, ruffles, or sweetheart cuts. Your bottom half can pull off almost any shape from skinny jeans to flowy wide-legged trousers. Styles with details on the hips and bottom are great for adding dimension to your frame.

  • Don’t wear: Dresses that are tight all over, as these will emphasize your lack of curves. Anything unstructured around the waist can have the same effect (ex. tent dresses and empire-waist tops).

Pear Body

  • Who: Kristin Davis, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Rachel Bilson

  • What: Pears have shoulders that are narrower than the hips with a rounded bottom and a well-defined waist. Their goal is to minimize the hips and/or exaggerate the shoulders.

  • Wear: Wide leg pants and A-line skirts. Boat-neck, square cut and cowl necklines as well as interesting shoulders will draw attention upward. Necklaces, earrings and scarves can do the same. Pairing bright or light colored tops with dark, solid bottoms can help create a visual balance. Make sure jackets are long enough to skim over hips.

  • Don’t wear: Clothing that draws attention to the hips like printed skirts, peplums and jackets that end at the waist. Capri and tapered pants won’t do you any favors.


  • Who: Selma Hayek, Sophia Vergera, Jessica Simpson

  • What: Hourglass body types have hips that are about the same width as their shoulders and a waist that is smaller than both. They often have a large chest. While an hourglass may already be proportioned it is a difficult body to dress because loose garments can make them seem bigger all over while too-tight clothes can make them look trashy. It’s a fine line that isn’t always easy to navigate.

  • Wear: Pieces that will elongate the body and define the waist like v-necks, belted tops and dresses, boot cut and skinny pants (long, not cropped), leggings, jackets/shirts that are fitted at the waist but don’t end at the waist. They can be long and cover the hips but even a few inches past the waist will work too.

  • Don’t wear: Anything that will add bulk to the chest or hips like big ruffles. Shift dresses, baby-doll dresses, boxy tops, tunics, baggy tops  and empire waists will hide curves and make you look heavier and/or pregnant (which is fine if you are but if you’re not…).

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Mom Fall Must-Haves: Capes

19 Nov

 By Kristin Hull and Lisa Miller

mommy stylist, mom fashion, budget fashion, inexpensive fashion, fashion, cheap shopping, what to wear, trends

Capes are a mom’s lifesaver. Well, stylesaver may be more accurate. Put one on and you have instant style. Whether it be to hide the house-cleaning clothes you have on underneath or to amp up a pair of jeans and a tee, the cape will never let you down. We scoured the sites to find the perfect ones just for moms. They’re not too expensive, versatile, and functional. What more could you want?

1. Mango Check Wool Cape ($141/Asos – free shipping both ways!)

2. Guess Leather Trim Tweed Cape ($74, reg. $149/Nordstrom – free shipping both ways!)

3. Merona Women’s Cape Sweater ($30/Target) – More colors available.

4. Jones New York Signature Shawl Poncho ($90/Dillard’s) – Also in grey.

5. Cape Coat With Buckles ($190/Zara)

Continue reading

What to Wear: Thanksgiving Day

12 Nov

By Lisa Miller

mom style, budget shopping, mom shopping, the mommy stylist, budget fashion, thanksgiving day

Photos courtesy of retailers.

The time for food comas and swapping stories with family and friends is fast approaching. Thanksgiving feast is just around the corner, and wanting to look chic while still being able to bend down to lift that turkey out of the oven or eat our weight in food, is always a challenge. Why not try a cozy sweater with a high-waisted skirt that will give your belly some room to grow? Add an adjustable belt, warm sweater tights and some on-trend shoes for the perfect Turkey Day ensemble. You’ll look like the gorgeous, stylish mama that you are while impressing guests by playing the part of the perfect hostess – all while remaining comfortable.

Besides being affordable, the pieces from this outfit are extremely versatile. The sweaters, belts, tights, jewelry, handbag and shoes can all be worn again. Throw on the sweater with a pair of jeans and some ankle boots to run errands. The apron will come in handy next month while baking up a plethora of holiday treats. There’s nothing that won’t fit in the roomy handbag that’s big enough to hold everyday “mommy essentials” like a cell phone, wallet, first-aid kit, snacks, diapers, sunglasses and lipstick. Wear the gorgeous skirt all season long with tights and boots or flats. Switch up the sweater with a blouse and jacket or belted cardigan. The looks are endless. What mom doesn’t love a stylish, functional outfit that can be remixed and worn time and again? I know I do.

(If you need an extra layer to help make the trek from the car to the front door more bearable in the cold weather, try a ruana, a long, draping sweater-cape, like the one featured in this post. And for an alternate Thanksgiving Day outfit, check out the one we featured last year. Don’t worry, it’s still in style.) Continue reading

Mom Fall Must-Haves: Trendy Shoes

9 Nov

By Kristin Hull

fall shoes, fall trends, affordable shoes, affordable fashion, budget shopping, budget style, inexpensive fashion, mom stylist, mommy stylist, mom's stylist, mom fashion

Photos courtesy of retailers.

Oxfords and boots and flats – oh my! This seasons shoe trends are all over the map and we love all the options! From lace-ups to equestrian to over-the-knee to ankle-length, there’s a boot for every outfit. The simple ballet flat has evolved into a shoe with real personality. Studs, snakeskin and animal prints abound. Audrey Hepburn would be proud. Don’t be afraid of the wedge sneaker (the wedge is on the inside making “vertically-challenged” women subtly taller) or the oxford. They’re both functional and fashionable and might just pull you out of a wardrobe rut. For the working mom, try a heeled lace-up shoe for a modern vintage look. Next time you reach for your black booties, try these instead. You’ll get compliments all day long.

1. The Best of Times Heel ($35/Modcloth – free shipping and returns!)

2. Burgundy Oxfords ($30/H&M) – Also in black.

3. City Classified Sadler Flats ($19/Lulu’s – free shipping and returns!)

4. Jade Black Patent Oxfords ($50/Wanted Shoes – free shipping!): More colors available.

5. Ruby Lace-up Boot ($55/Delia’s) Continue reading

Mom to Mom: The Best Jeans Ever #2

1 Nov
mom style, jones new york, mom fashion, budget fashion, cheap shopping, mom shopping

Photo courtesy of Jones New York.

By Lisa Miller

A few months after my daughter was born, I found I was spending all of my extra time and money on her. Selfless as it sounds, I have to admit a big part of me was trying to avoid dressing my new body. I kept trying to put off purchasing clothes, justifying it by saying that I didn’t want to buy something that wouldn’t fit in a month. Finally, I had no choice. With my maternity clothes hanging off and no chance of fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes any time soon, I started feeling pretty frumpy. Needing a pick-me-up, I headed to ROSS for some retail therapy.

My long legs have always been one of my best features and the quickest way to feeling better is to focus on what you already like about yourself. With this in mind, I decided that jeans were the place to start.

I am so grateful that mid-rise jeans are FINALLY coming back into fashion. There is nothing quite like being able to bend over or sit down on the ground without having to constantly re-adjust. I tried on about ten different styles before finding the single most perfect pair of jeans that I have ever worn, the Lexington Mid-Rise Jean from Jones New York. I purchased them right then and there. Continue reading

Mom Fall Must-Haves: Leather

29 Oct

By Kristin Hull and Lisa Miller

mommy stylist, mom style, the mommy stylist, budget fashion, stylish mom, cheap shopping, budget shopping

Photos courtesy of retailers.

Is there anything cooler than leather? Something about it makes us feel just a little more rebellious, a little sexier, and a little more confident. Leather is always in style but this season the designers have made it a trend by using it for more than just jackets and shoes. If the thought of such a garment is a little too James Dean for you then consider trying one of the many pieces that utilize it as trim or combine it with other fabrics.

Worried about price? Have no fear. Fortunately, faux leather abounds and it is considerably less costly than the real thing. Faux has come a long way over the years and while black is still often the best way to go when buying an inexpensive garment, we’ve managed to find a few alternate colors that make the cut. Continue reading

Mom Fall Must-Haves: Blazers

17 Oct

By Kristin Hull and Lisa Miller
mom fashion, mom style, budget fashion, the mommy stylist, mommy stylist, fashion advice

Blazers may just be the perfect article of clothing for moms. They never fail to add a touch of sophistication and create a pulled-together look. Plus, they’re incredibly versatile. You can wear one to the office, head straight to a parent-teacher conference, and then, to grandma’s birthday dinner. Pair with dress pants, jeans or the currently-popular full mini-skirt. It will work wonders for your wardrobe. Obviously, black is the most versatile but why not try out a bold color or a pattern for a change? If the one you like is more than you want to spend, it may be worth shelling out a few bucks for something you’ll not only look great it but that you can wear over and over – and over. Continue reading

The Mommy Stylist Welcomes Editor (and Mom), Lisa Miller, to the Family!

11 Oct

By Kristin Hull
letty bug and salem moon, mommy stylist, mom stylist, budget fashion, mom fashion

Hey Moms!

I am pleased to announce that a new editor, Lisa Miller, has joined our team. This mom of 13-month-old, Aletta (with another due in April), has design and fashion experience that will bring another valuable perspective to our site. Lisa was the Head Seamstress for Kanye West’s 2011 Coachella Tour. She made all the costumes for twenty dancers, coordinated quick changes, and facilitated entrance and exits for the dancers during the show. Prior to that, Lisa served as Assistant Designer for reVamp, a fashion house in downtown Los Angeles that specializes in reproduction vintage fashion and custom designs. reVamp clients include: Dita Von Teese, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, and Big Love.

Lisa has a personal blog, Letty Bug and Salem Moon, where she not only about the chronicles the adventures of her daughter and their cat, Salem Moon, but also offers advice on pregnancy, life, and all things mom-related. Be sure to check it out!

Welcome, Lisa! I’m so happy to have you on board!

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A Fall Trend Moms Can Use: Blazers

18 Aug

By Kristin Hull


                  (Photo courtesy of Charlotte Russe)

Blazers are a huge trend right now and will continue to be into fall. They are a fantastic to have on hand when you want to look classy but not like you’re trying too hard. They can be casual and worn with jeans or dressy when paired with a skirt or dress. Regardless of how you wear it, you’ll always look put together. Charlotte Russe is having a sale right now and most blazers are $25-$30. I love this lace one!

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What to Wear: Summer Picnic

18 Jun

By Kristin Hull

mom fashion, mom style, budget fashion, cheap shopping, inexpensive shopping, mom outfits, mommy stylist, picnicIt’s hard to look cute at a picnic. Whether it’s a holiday barbecue or a company outing, you want an outfit that will allow you stay cool, move easily and sit on the ground or at a picnic table. For most people that means a pair of shorts and a top. There’s nothing wrong with that but if you want to be a truly stylish mama, why not try a maxi dress? They meet all the criteria and are THE trend of the summer. From Target to Neiman Marcus, they’re everywhere. Plus, maxi dresses are so easy to just throw on that you can wear one running errands or to the office (just put a cardigan or blazer over it and pair with wedges). Try dressing one up with heels, some jewelry and a sock bun for a night out. 

Sunny Taylor Chevron-Print Maxi Dress ($49/Dillard’s)

Nashelle Mini Butterfly Charm Necklace (now $10, reg $28/South Moon Under – free shipping!)

SS/Sophia Straw Hat ($20/Amazon)

Bongo Dolman Open Knit Cardigan ($10/KMart)

Straw Dangle Tote ($35/Target)

Qupid Athena Sandals ($27/Lulu’s)

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What I Wore: Easy Casual or Dressy Summer Look

4 Jun

By Kristin Hull

mommy stylist, mom fashion, budget fashion, cheap shopping, style, stylist, trendsI got this dress at Target a few days ago for $24.99). It is a high-low dress so it’s a bit longer in the back. This type of dress is a hot trend right now and was all over the runways. If you are short like me make sure the “high” part is above your knees or you will look frumpy and even shorter. The purse, also from Target is featured in this post. The shoes were another Target purchase but they are a couple of years old. I believe they were around $20 a the time. The belt has been part of my wardrobe for so long I don’t remember where I got it. But I can tell you it isn’t designer. I can’t imagine I paid more than $20 for it. Same goes for the bracelet. The best thing about this dress is that it can be dressed up, down or somewhere in the middle (as demonstrated in my photo). Pair it with flats or flat sandals to run errands or heels and some nice jewelry for a night out.

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Slimming Swimsuits to Hide Your A** and Give You Sass

29 May

By Kristin Hull
mommy stylist, mom fashion, stylish moms, budget fashion, hot moms, mom clothes, mom shopping

Finding a bathing suit is rarely fun unless you’re a teenager or have a model’s body (which most of us don’t). Bathing suits put us at our most vulnerable so it is the one time when shopping for your body type is most important. The suits above will help to cover lumps and bumps as the color black, busy patterns and ruching help hide flaws. As  you’ll notice, all of these are one-pieces. (I figure if you can wear a bikini you don’t need help finding a suit to hide imperfections.) I shy away from tankinis because I don’t understand them. You may as well just wear a one-piece. Tankini tops end right at our most flabby part, the tummy and hips, so a one piece can be much more sexy and flattering and will hold it all in. I know we all say we need more color in our wardrobes but this is not the time to experiment. Lastly, don’t be afraid to spend a little more  on a swimsuit. A quality bathing suit will make all the difference in the world fit-wise and should last you a few seasons.

(from top row, left to right)

Jantzen Black and White Floral Swimsuit ($106/Unique Vintage)

Polka-Dot Ruched Underwire Tank ($86-$88/J. Crew – free shipping both ways!) – This suit goes up to a D cup.

Marrakesh Paisley Bandeau Tank ($92-$94/J. Crew – free shipping both ways!) – This suit goes up to a D cup.

Kamali Kulture “Bill” Suit ($98/Kamali Kulture)

Garden Floral Ruched Bandeau Tank ($92/J. Crew – free shipping both ways!)

Roxy “Ditsy” Shirred One Piece Striped Swimsuit ($82/Roxy- free shipping both ways!) – The narrow diagonal lines on this suit are slimming.

“Jena” Miracle Suit ($150/Miracle Suit) – I have a Miracle Suit and they really do hold everything in. They’re made well so they should definitely last a few summers. I love this one because it’s sexy without being sleazy. It is definitely family-friendly. The diagonal pieces of fabric will define the waist and slim the entire body. (Note: I kept thinking about this suit all weekend and finally purchased it last night. It was just too perfect to pass up!)

La Vita Blue and Whilte Polka Dot “Sea Folly” One Piece ($141/The Orchid Boutique)

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Mom Spring Must-Haves: Nude Shoes

5 May

By Kristin Hull

mommy stylist, mom fashion, budget fashion, cheap clothes, cheap fashion, aldo, zappos, nine westNude is the new black, especially when it comes to shoes. This neutral is, as all neutrals are, extremely versatile. And the light color is perfect for summer. It can be dressy or casual and worn with just about anything. So next time you reach for your typical black shoes, try a nude pair with your outfit instead. You’ll look modern and classy. If you’re worried about dirt, try a patent style.

(row by row – left to right)

Kelsi Dagger Aloha Thong Sandals ($40/Zappos – free shipping both ways)

 Michael Antonio Driver Gladiators ($36/Zappos – free shipping both ways)

City Streets Marley Patent Peep Toe Pumps ($30/JC Penney)

 Aldo Servedio Wedges with ankle strap (now $62, reg. $80/Zappos – free shipping both ways)

Mis LoveKnot Wedges ($50/Zappos – free shipping both ways)

Ugg Evera Suede Sneaker ($100/Nordstrom)

White Mountain Espedrilles ($55/Zappos – free shipping both ways)

Jessica Simpson Madisen Two-Tone Flats ($60/Nordstrom – free shipping both ways)

Lace-up Patent Oxford Flats ($27/Charlotte Russe)

H&M Ballet Flats ($13/H&M) – Unfortunately, H&M doesn’t have online shopping so you’ll have to go to a store for these.

Nine West Patent Flats ($40/6pm)

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